Press Releases

Quality control in immune communication
Chaperones detect immature signaling molecules in the immune system (Nature Commun 2019, Sattler, 20.09.2019)

Neubau des Bayerischen Kernresonanz-Zentrums an der TU München eröffnet
Weltweit leistungsfähigstes NMR-Spektrometer für Biomedizin-Forschung 19.10.2018

New Insights into the Maturation of miRNAs
Elucidating the maturation mechanism of a cancer-causing microRNA (Nature Commun 2018, Sattler, 03.07.2018)

Breakthrough for peptide medication
The "Holy Grail" of peptide chemistry: making peptide active agents available orally (Angewandte Chemie 2017, Kessler, 21.02.2018)

New insights into the tumor metabolism
Medical imaging: new biosensor zymonic acid shows changes in pH value (Nature Commun 2017, Glaser, Schilling, 11.05.2017)

New therapeutic strategy against sleeping sickness
Structural Biology develops active agent that blocks trypanosomes (Science 2017, Sattler, 31.03.2017)

Shaping up to make the cut
RNA-based gene regulation with dynamic proteins (PNAS 2016, Sattler, 03.11.2016)

Richtfest für Neubau des Bayerischen Kernresonanz-Zentrums
(BNMRZ, 29.05.2016)

Alzheimer's disease: new field of application for versatile helper
Molecular mechanisms of small heat shock proteins (Nature Struc Mol Biol, Reif, 13.10.2015)

World-class nuclear magnetic resonance center
TUM defines a new dimension for biomedical research, (Grundsteinlegung BNMRZ-Neubau, 16.11.2015)

Visualizing the “matrix”
App provides insight into the quantum world of coupled nuclear spins (Phys. Rev. A 2015, Glaser, 03.06.2015)

Doubled productivity
New mechanism in gene regulation revealed (Nature 2014, Sattler, 08.09.2014)

Molecular mechanisms underlying the prevention of autoimmunity by Roquin revealed
(Nature Struc Mol Biol, Sattler, 14.07.2014)

Bayerisches NMR-Zentrum von Weltrang
Wissenschaftsrat bewilligt Forschungsneubau in Garching (BNMRZ, 26.04.2013)